Finally the air warms up, the days get longer, and the colors of nature brighten our days !! Never as this year have we so desired the arrival of summer so as to finally leave behind us not just any winter but one made of fear, isolation, sadness and anxiety.


The need to adapt to climate change upsets our body and here appears the typical spring fatigue and listlessness, often associated with sleepiness during the day and insomnia at night, not to mention the so-called “seasonal loss” of hair.

Our body faces spring “intoxicated” and slowed down, thanks to an unbalanced winter diet rich in sweet substances, decreased physical activity and an accumulation of tension and stress from coronavirus. In spring months the body must wake up from the winter sedentary lifestyle by getting rid of all the accumulated toxins and, in this detoxification process, the most busy organs are the liver and intestine, the same organs that govern skin and hair. Clearly, if these organs appear overloaded, the skin and hair will show many signs of suffering.

How often are we in panic when we see our brushes and shower filters full of hair?

How many times do we complain of having frizzy and dull hair just in conjunction with the change of season?

Nothing unusual, classic spring problems (and paranoia). But let’s see how it is appropriate to intervene. Having healthy eating, physical and healing habits certainly plays a fundamental role. In the diet, for example, all the nutrients necessary for the good health of our organism and consequently of the integumentary system (skin, hair
and skin appendages) must never be lacking. Essential is the daily intake of fresh fruit and vegetables, a source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Whole grains, oily fish, peas and yogurt should not be missing, sources of vitamin B whose lack is one of the main causes of hair loss, as it stimulates regrowth and prevents excessive sebum production. Ample space for carrots, liver and sweet potatoes, sources of vitamin A, citrus fruits, kiwis and peppers, sources of vitamin C, almonds, olive oil and hazelnuts, sources of vitamin E. DO NOT FORGET the right amount of mineral salts: iron, present in meat AND LEGUMES, zinc, available in beef and white bread, selenium assimilable through eggs, poultry and cereals, manganese of which avocado is rich and copper found in liver and lobsters. However, correct eating habits alone are not enough, it is necessary to keep stress under control, sleep adequately, reduce the use of alcohol and smoking, practice correct physical activity and choose a good trichological treatment. The expert in this regard recommends the use of a good treatment based on Marine Collagen, in the form of shampoo or oil to be able to perform hot massages FOR an even more regenerating and deep action. Collagen STIMULATES cell regeneration awakens resting follicles thanks to the great natural moisturizing properties that make the hair softer and silky both to the touch and to the sight.

Now… you are ready for rebirth!

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